Close-up of Hemingwrite; screen reads: "This is the Hemingwrite." Blogged on Typewriter Poetry.

A New Digital Typewriter: Hipsters Can Now Send Stories to the Cloud with Hemingwrite

There’s something immediately cute and nostalgic about this contraption. It’s retro, but certainly not vintage. Strangely pseudo-futuristic, like a kid’s toy from the 90’s taking a stab at potentially awesome technology just around the bend.

Meet Hemingwrite: billed as a distraction free digital typewriter, this keyboard-meets-screen is essentially a word processor that syncs up to the cloud in real-time so you never have to worry about losing a sentence or falling down the Wikipedia k-hole rabbit-hole.

A finger clicking buttons on a digital typewriter. Blogged at Typewriter Poetry.

The main draw is a Keep It Simple mentality: lose the internet, keep the keyboard. Finally, there’s absolutely no excuse for not finishing that novel, poem, short story, non-fiction essay, experimental prose, and/or screenplay.

I personally enjoy writing by hand or by typewriter. There’s something extremely satisfying about your own bodily mechanics groaning in tandem with creative mental acrobatics.

From the look of it, the Hemingway seems too toy-like for my tastes. Even if it’s built with durable parts, the design screams “cheap.” Whether its the uninspired matte black, red control keys, symmetrical knobs, or the screen beneath the screen–this machine isn’t the type of thing I’d want to be caught carrying around while making my way across town to, well, write.

Three vertical images: a woman smiling with fingers posed on the keyboard, a cropped man holding Hemingwrite, and another woman posed and looking down, about to type. Blogged at Typewriter Poetry.

(The hilarious joke being that I’m sure people say the same thing about us typewriter-writing hipsters.)

What do you think? Would you use a Hemingwrite? Buy one? Leave a comment.

And if you’d like to support Hemingwrite on Kickstarter, you can find them here. (All photos & gifs are from the Hemingwrite Kickstarter page.)

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Typewriter Poetry Internet Poem (or, #TyPoInPo2015)

With all the chaos transpiring around me, I completely forgot about #TyPoInPo!

Close-up of a Perrier water bottle: "all 9 unique designs." Submission for #TyPoInPo 2015.

A close-up of a Perrier water bottle: my submission, “all 9 unique designs by” for #TyPoInPo2015

Last year, I asked a few of you to contribute to an experimental, collaborative internet poem I was compiling. We got a ton of great one-liners, which I arranged with my typewriter into a final poem authored by all of us.

The Official Call For Submissions

I’d like to create a new #TyPoInPo2015 poem to ring in the new year. If you’ve forgotten the details, here’s a refresher:

How to participate, you ask? All you have to do is create a single line of poetry and upload it to the internet.

There’s no limit to how many lines you can submit, just as long as you submit them one at a time. It’d be awesome if your poetry lines are spontaneously constructed, original, and first drafts. Other than that? Be free!

Once you’ve penned the imperfectly perfect poem, release it to the wilds of the internet!

You can leave a comment. Send me an email. Tweet @typewritepoetry. Shoot Typewriter Poetry a message on Facebook. Deliver the line in a YouTube video.  Take a picture of it and put it on instagram or Flickr. Pin your handwritten single line of poetic brilliance to a board on Pinterest. Record an audio file of yourself saying it aloud and put it up on Soundcloud.

Whatever your method, I’ll be sure to find it and add it to the growing submissions. Just make sure you leave a breadcrumb:#TyPoInPo2015. Use that in your title, tags, keywords, summary, filename, or author for your submission.

The Final Poem

I’m changing up the final version. Instead of subjectively picking the best lines, I’m going to type out all the submissions I receive. Then, in a show of serendipity and chance, I’ll randomly pull a few of those lines out of a hat and organize them into a poem.

To see what becomes of our second Typewriter Poetry Internet Poem, you’ll have to come back in January of 2015. Until then, verse away!

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Beyond Words: Princeton Library’s Fall Benefit

Events have an allure which public spaces lack. In both instances, you are a spectacle; yet there is a distinct difference in how people react to and approach you. Public spaces offer a nonchalant curiosity, but events open people up rather immediately. Everyone’s behavior is influenced by the fantastic, not-so-everyday surroundings and atmosphere.

…plus, there’s alcohol.


Last month, I was invited to type at Princeton Library’s annual benefit, Beyond Words. These photographs were snapped by Melissa; you can find her work through her website.

Yamile, a volunteer organizer, had seen me typing free poems for people at the farmer’s market in front of the library. She left a message for me where I worked, asking if we could meet. Soon after, we got the chance to talk about the library and Typewriter Poetry. Performing for the Princeton Library benefit was a no-brainer, as it’s one of my favorite places in Princeton (besides the cemetery).

I instantly fell in love with the theme for this year’s gala. The committee had conceived an evening mixed with greys, blacks, whites–all heightened by reds and book typography. I mentioned costumes and we came up with props, decorations, and layout. She wanted to know more about the act of pushing out poetry for a crowd. “There’s going to be over two hundred people,” she warned. “Can you keep up with that?”


Typing for former governor of New Jersey, Christine Todd Whitman.




Typing for the author Gary Shteyngart was quite the experience. People kept coming up to exchange words with him, ask for an autograph, request a picture. He seemed skeptical but curious about the free poetry process. When he read his poem, I watched his face reveal quiet appreciation, a secret knowing passing between us.


The Beyond Words gala elevated Princeton University’s Frick Chemistry Lab into a literary wonderland reflected through timeless glass. Captivated by conversation, tapas and wine, attendees were enthralled by the night. Everyone bubbled in celebration of the Princeton Library, hazily taken away by live classical music, auctions, vendors, food, dancing, and free poetry. I’m honored Typewriter Poetry played a small role in the enchantment, even if it was for one night (and one night, only).


Typewriter Poetry - billimarie - Princeton - Farmer's Market
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Fireflies, Home-Cooked Meals, Mathematics, & Mona

The day after rendezvousing at Rittenhouse Square in Philly, I felt sluggish, weary, cold, and uninspired. It took me a large portion of the morning to tap into my unknown energy reserve, then heave my typewriter over to the Princeton’s farmers market.

Sometimes all it takes is connecting with the right person to help you chart a course away from negativity and alienation. It wasn’t until Mona heard the dings and clacks of my typewriter that my outlook was, thankfully, altered.

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Meeting Mika (& Mobius Percussion)

Mika came up to me the first day I typed in Princeton. She was excited, alive–no hesitation in her stance or her talk. I admit, I was surprised to encounter someone like her in Princeton of all places. We connected with an immediacy reserved for those who fully recognize one another. (Full disclaimer: Mika offered me a delicious crepe while I typed for her, and also invited me out for drinks with friends later that night, so I might be a tad bit biased.)

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...basking in the last light of golden hour.
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Imagination Is The New Work

Photo by @tom_reifsnyder.

It starts and it ends like this. Recall the moment. Insert something mundane, play with contrast until vibrant. What is forgotten is just as important as what’s remembered—and there it is. There, among quiet Hare Krishnas who are waiting for scavengers like us to take flight with our tupperware full of free leftover vegetarian food—there we are, still firmly planted and caught up in conversation, the night a time without stars only lights a bright porch beaming down on us from the second story staircase—there is where a poetry we often name neurosis gives everything a terrifying idyllic trim and your words, a felt glow, strike me like deja vu, words grasping at the mind’s edges like kindling flame, a series of click click BOOM—

This was the year music
was revealed to me. I don’t

know if it’s possible
to live off Free Poetry.

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Artisanal LA: Autumn 2014

Artisanal LA Typewriter Poetry Billimarie The Social Booth CoA tremendous thank you to everyone who stopped by for a free poem at Artisanal LA! The Reef was full of passionate foodies and crafty vendors; what an inspiring mix of people to collide into. Every isle you meandered down beckoned you with some sensually stimulating substance. Scented spices, meats and cheeses–even goats! They nibbled you softly when you went over to say hello.

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“As We Peel Back The Layers Of The Artist’s Anticipated Level Of Engagement, We Find Numerous Sources Of Radical, Inclusionary, Destructive Creation Visions Reconstructed In Such A Manner That One Would Have To Lack All Sensation In Order To Dehumanize Such An Authentic Rendition Of Our Given Subjective Realities”

An old one. I can’t remember much about it; a child asked me “what is art?” and I came up with a non-answer in the form of a title and poem.

"As We Peel Back The Layers Of The Artist's Anticipated Level Of Engagement, We Find Numerous Sources Of Radical, Inclusionary, Destructive Creation Visions Constructed In Such A Manner That One Would Have To Lack All Sensation In Order To Dehumanize This Rendition Of Our Given Subjective Realities" typewriter poetry by billimarie

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