"Persomnia" by billimarie typewriter poetry
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prompt: “write a poem about sleep. i love sleeping. :p”

this poem was created with help from two of my favorites:
* I love the phrase “fallow spaces”; learned it from a song by one of my favorite local bands, full of emptiness
* I used a line from one of my favorite poems by Louise Gluck, “the white lilies”


no posts until next Saturday

Long weekend…completely forgot to update everyone! As the @typewritepoetry twitter says…no new posts until later this weekend. I had the pros at US Office Machine take a look at my Royal. Turns out my carriage is spaced out a bit too far from the keys; it’ll take approx. a week to tear down and build up my machine again :( But after that, I’ll immediately get back to your submissions ! Just wanted to throw it out there since I kind of have a backlog of poetry prompts :)

Have a great week everyone!

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National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month–for those of us who didn’t know! In past years, I celebrated by writing a poem a day for all of April…which is always a challenge.

This year, I’ll be reading various poets and editing, revising, reorganizing my own poetry. I re-wrote three poems yesterday, two from Typewriter Poetry: “Of My Lover The Sea” (now called “Of Her Lover The Sea”) as well as “Dinosaurs!” So thank you for the prompts, they truly are inspiring, and keep them coming! I’ll try to find room in between Script Frenzy and putting together my chapbook by the end of April to typewrite your poems.

To see various ways of celebrating poetry, check out this link.