prompt: “I have traveled the earth with only a slight, compact bag at my shoulders that held a camera, enough clothes for tomorrow. I have dwelled and dined in cities where a constant flow of human traffic streaks by, as seen through a window. I have wandered endless fields that stretch to the horizon like the blue Pacific. and I am left to wonder, where is home?”

I broke my own rules for this poem. First I wrote a completely different one that focused more on traveling. then I tried the prompt again and got this little diddy

2 thoughts on ““MINDFUL OF HOME”

  1. “empty gurgles” are what kept me awake in the cold night for a long time. so it’s good to be home, Billi. this is beautiful; thank you so much for posting this.

  2. You are so talented. That opening stanza is awesome. Grabbed me good. Sometimes on Thursdays I post poetry on Jessie Carty’s poemshare. Check out her blog and the Thursday poemshare and see if it is someplace that you might post in the future.

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