“Couple #4”

I’m in Hawaii so I don’t exactly feel like updating Typewriter Poetry every day 🙂 But because it’s raining, here’s a poem from April 4th.

“Couple #4”

We shortcut paradise
with an addict
in lightning canopy rain.

Adrenaline thins.
The road gives;
no walls, no brakes,

no dead end to blame.
A cruel sail
beyond sand, clay. Sea vine roots.

And god–how we screamed at each other, then.

april 4th 2012

9 thoughts on ““Couple #4”

    1. thanks! It’s funny that everyone always thinks these poems are about me…I’d say less than 25% of them are actually from my perspective 🙂

    1. It has been really nice. I leave on the 20th, but I might come back after my birthday.

      I like them, too, especially because of their very human flaws.

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