“Untitled” (February 13th 2014)

Last week, I gave away free Valentine’s Day love and admiration poetry at the Mid-City farmer’s market.

A huge thanks to Moisés for giving me an amazing box of onionskin typewriter paper last year for my birthday…this was the first time I’ve used it. Love at first feel. The translucent, texturized, fragile essence made for a perfect poem this Valentine’s Day.

Here’s one of many poems I wrote during downtime.

Untitled: February 13th 2014 by billimarie typewriter poetry

“Untitled (February 14th 2014)”

We drift in two directions:
sun-smoked wilderness
and dried earth, feral stars
disaligned*. It would take one year
for this soul
to catch up with that body.

february 13th 2014

* I have no idea if I was going for “misaligned” or “disarrayed”…I remember both were in my mind while typing, hence the typo, because I liked the meaning behind wild and casually cluttered stars being out of alignment with not only each other, but every other surrounding element as well.