Inspirational Quote for National Poetry Month

Day 4: National Poetry Month 2016

Typewriter Poetry National Poetry Month

Welcome to Day Four of National Poetry Month! What poem are you working on, today?

As you know, quite a few of us are writing a poem a day this month in honor of #NationalPoetryMonth. In fact, I’m fundraising on behalf of Tupelo Press. They run the 30/30 Project, which is an all-year monthly round of writing a poem a day.

If you’re enjoying the work I produce this month for the art book, suck myself out the heart i give it back, I encourage you to donate in my name to Tupelo Press. 100% of proceeds go to their literary press, and it’s tax-deductible.

Daily Typewriter Poetry

Here’s today’s batch of typewriter poetry, curated on the @typewriterpoetry Instagram.



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suck myself out the heart i give it back

April 4th, 2016


Today’s poem was inspired by my time in The Forest, and our impromptu women writers’ workshops.

For #npm16, I’m working on a poetry series which is part of a larger project: an art book called suck myself out the heart i give it back.

If you’re curious, I wrote a brief backstory about today’s poem: 04 : suck myself out the heart i give it back

You can view the entire collection here.

Inspirational Poetry Quote

Today’s inspirational writing quote comes from John Fowles.

We all write poems; it is simply that poets are the ones who write in words.

John Fowles