About Typewriter Poetry

Typewriter Poetry is a website dedicated to building community among poets who make poetry with their typewriters.


Read the Full History

Typewriter Poetry has gone through a lot of iterations. Read the full history here.


What’s #FreePoetry?

FREE POETRY is a personal project by Billimarie Lubiano Robinson. It started in 2011 and traveled across the U.S. with one mission: type free poetry for strangers.


Book a Typewriter Poet

Looking to hire a typewriter poet for your event? Contact us and we’ll introduce you to a local typewriter poet in your area.

32 thoughts on “About Typewriter Poetry

  1. Your work is lovely, it’s nice when you come across a modern poet who’s worthy of the title. I’m envious of your typewriter, I hope to own one for myself someday. Although, if you were to make a mistake, wouldn’t it be frustrating to have to start over? I like that you write your poems in this way, it is somehow more real.

  2. Thanks for the comment on the nostalgia post on my blog! (http://termitewriter.blogspot.com) If I wasn’t pressed for time, I would drag out some of the 60’s and 70’s cards and take pictures of them! I’ll keep that in the back of my mind! Obviously you’re much younger than I am, but cyberspace brings all types of people together. Does anything else on my blog interest you? I’m going to follow you on Twitter. I’m @TermiteWriter

  3. Fantastic and original concept – performance art / automatism poetry / immediate personal interaction with others akin to portrait painting / use of old technology (“old technology becomes art” – Marshall McLuhan)…I’m impressed and inspired…

  4. I have to say that I have never understood poetry. Then, in college I had to dissect one (I chose Among School Children by Yeats) and it was one of the hardest projects I’d ever had to do. But I learned so much and learned to be more patient with poems.

    Now, I come across your blog and your entries and it’s great because it’s so different from everything else that’s out there. I have to just sit and take a breath while reading your poems. I still don’t always understand poetry but I think that it’s part of the charm. So many things are left unsaid and it’s about the emotions behind it.

    Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I love your blog. I think what you’re doing is absolutely amazing.

    1. Valerie–I hope this reaches you…! It’s taken me such a long time to reply to your comment because–well–I am full of lackluster excuses but none of them matter. (I’m not as active on this blog as I probably should be.)

      Your thoughts completely blew me away. It took me a while to find you and your blog :3 I really wanted to connect with you and say THANK YOU for the kind words you shared more than a year ago. I’m following Indecisively Reckless (perfect title) so hopefully we get a chance to keep up with each other (without a year passing by…!)

      Happy holidays! <3

  5. Wow.. What a Blessing meeting you today at Rittenhouse Square Park. And I purchased a frame for the POEM you wrote for me when I left the park. Hope that interview will serve you well….

    You are an InspiratioN‼

    Keep Shining!

    1. Hi, Yvonne! Such a pleasure hearing from you, again. Have you made it out to the west coast, yet?

      I’m glad to hear the poem now lives in a frame 🙂 And thank you again for encouraging those girls to interview me. I wouldn’t have done it without your powerful presence as an influence.

      Happy holidays! Keep in touch!

  6. This is such a great idea and site! Would you mind if I copied your idea? I’d like to try it in my favorite park. Thanks for all your hard work. I’m sure you’ve made a lot of peoples day. You sure have made mine!

    1. Hi, Dicky! Thanks for your comment, and for reaching out. I’d love if you kept the rest of us updated on your Free Poetry adventures 🙂 Feel free to send me an email with an update if you ever get the chance.

      I’m glad I added a bit of cheer to your day. Enjoy your favorite park for me, and good luck!

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