FREE POETRY is a traveling typewriter poetry project which ran from 2011 – 2015.

I hitchhiked throughout the Southwest and West coast and Pacific Northwest, wandered to New Orleans, Philly, New York, and New Jersey, and even wrote Free Poetry in Hawaii.

You can read about my travels typing #FreePoetry for strangers on the blog.

Original Ethos (written in 2012)

Typewriter Poetry is a transient gift. With public space as the backdrop to intimate conversation, I dance with people, poetry, and performance art to freely pass along That Which Cannot Be Consumed. Replacing monetary and literary value with something a little bit…more, the poet (me!) and the stranger (you!) come together in celebration of all that is human, consciousness, and life.

In other words…I type free poems for people using my vintage typewriter.

I sit somewhere public with a cardboard sign (usually recycled from Corrugated Hearts) that reads “free poems.” Inevitably, someone is bold enough to ask for a poem. We talk, exchange stories, and I write them a poem based off our interaction or a subject of their choosing.

Most poems on this website are “orphans,” or poems whose recipients forgot to pick them up. Occasionally you’ll see a picture or scanned copy of a poem, thanks to a thoughtful reader who decided to email me a copy. For the most part, participants keep the one and only version…a symbolic fit for a project such as this.

With that being said. All poems are first drafts, birthed in abandon without literary consequence. I think that is one of the hardest parts about this project: being comfortable showing others “unrevised works,” something we writers have been taught to keep hidden until it is beaten into perfection. It’s a humbling experience, being surrounded by self-doubt and vulnerability as I challenge the self to remain raw, open, honest, and accepting of flaws.

Feel free to browse the poetry archives for daily typewritten poems and prompts.

There is no fee required for a poem—I am of the radical** belief that art, natural resources, and entertainment can and should be without monetary value—so submit a prompt, today!

** In this case, ‘radical’ referring to the original (and less often used) meaning: to the root of things, to the origin.

Have you received a Free Poem throughout the years?

Saying goodbye to Emily's poem.

Send in a copy of your poem!

Reconnect with your story and a picture of your poem, or even a picture of yourself! It’ll be fun getting to know everyone, again.

If you’d rather converse through snail mail, leave your mailing address on my Postable.

with love,

Billimarie Lubiano Robinson : wandering artist



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