Literary Creatures: Philly Fringe Festival 2018

Some performances were long. We raged past the show and burrowed furiously into the night. Other performances were lonely and quiet, intimate, with soft conversation and relaxed acceptance of letting the flow be. On the last night, our voices rose and fell in play with one another, harmonizing at their own accord to the perfect pitches, intervals, frequencies. Continue reading Literary Creatures: Philly Fringe Festival 2018

epiphonia by billimarie lubiano robinson

It’s That Time Of Year, Again: National Poetry Month 2016

April is National Poetry Month! It’s been a while since I last attempted a poetry challenge. This year, I’ll be writing a poem a day. Each piece will be part of a broader series I am currently working on, called suck myself out the heart i give it back.   But first: a tiny poetry book To kick off #NPM16, I’d like to introduce Epiphonia: … Continue reading It’s That Time Of Year, Again: National Poetry Month 2016


Welcome to 2014! Here’s the #TyPoInPo poem I assembled with your fantastic lines. Thanks again for all your help…I had a little too much fun piecing it all together.

I think I got all the contributions–checked various search engines rather obsessively just to make sure–but if you don’t see pieces of your line, let me know and I’ll include it in the next round of TyPoInPo.




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Typewriter Poetry’s Internet Poem (Or, #TyPoInPo)

There’s one experiment I’ve been wanting to try for a while. It comes from being a fan of collaboration, as well as having a deep love of the internet.

Typewriter Poetry has always been a “we” project. In getting back to that, I’m asking anyone who reads this to help create a typewritten Internet Poem–or, as I’m singing saying in my head, #TyPoInPo (Typewriter Poetry Internet Poem!).

How to participate, you ask? All you have to do is create a single line of poetry and upload it to the internet.

TyPoInPo: Your Eyes Tip by billimarie typewriter poetry
Here’s my contribution. #TyPoInPo

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