Day 14: Inspiration from Yukio Mishima (National Poetry Month)

Today’s quote is brought to you by one of my artistic and literary heroes, the incredible Yukio Mishima. Yukio Mishima Here’s an excerpt from his film, Patriotism (The Criterion Collection) (or, the Rite of Love and Death). It’s his only film, but it’s a wonderful painting worthy in its own right as cinematic and expressive. This scene is not for the faint of heart; it … Continue reading Day 14: Inspiration from Yukio Mishima (National Poetry Month)

Imagination Is The New Work

Photo by @tom_reifsnyder.

It starts and it ends like this. Recall the moment. Insert something mundane, play with contrast until vibrant. What is forgotten is just as important as what’s remembered—and there it is. There, among quiet Hare Krishnas who are waiting for scavengers like us to take flight with our tupperware full of free leftover vegetarian food—there we are, still firmly planted and caught up in conversation, the night a time without stars only lights a bright porch beaming down on us from the second story staircase—there is where a poetry we often name neurosis gives everything a terrifying idyllic trim and your words, a felt glow, strike me like deja vu, words grasping at the mind’s edges like kindling flame, a series of click click BOOM—

This was the year music
was revealed to me. I don’t

know if it’s possible
to live off Free Poetry.

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