Time Traveling into a Well-Kept Room

Poetry Book Review of “So Much Synth” by Brenda Shaughnessy If you’ve ever been curious about contemporary poetry, Brenda Shaughnessy is a great author to start with. It was fitting, to have discovered Shaughnessy’s poetry while I lived in Princeton. I was visiting my friend AL for a weekend and ended up staying in town for three months. I got a job working at the … Continue reading Time Traveling into a Well-Kept Room

Day 14: Inspiration from Yukio Mishima (National Poetry Month)

Today’s quote is brought to you by one of my artistic and literary heroes, the incredible Yukio Mishima. Yukio Mishima Here’s an excerpt from his film, Patriotism (The Criterion Collection) (or, the Rite of Love and Death). It’s his only film, but it’s a wonderful painting worthy in its own right as cinematic and expressive. This scene is not for the faint of heart; it … Continue reading Day 14: Inspiration from Yukio Mishima (National Poetry Month)

Typewriter Poem: “With Ink” (New Typewriter Poetry)

Found out my friend Ryan passed away last year. We met at the Canoga Park Art Walk a few years back…I typed him a poem, he showed me his drawings. Young guy. Potential. We stayed in touch, hanging out and talking, reflecting. The last time we talked, he told me he was focusing on recovery. Addiction uses our mind/body as a feasting ground. How to … Continue reading Typewriter Poem: “With Ink” (New Typewriter Poetry)

Mushrooms, Death Suits, and Twitter

A few days ago, I came across an insightful article by Alli Magidsohn (Graves That Save). It investigates sustainable funeral arrangements, as well as the philosophy behind the Sustainable/Green Death Movement.

Alli got a chance to interview Jae Rhim Lee, the creator of the Infinity Burial Project. I stumbled upon Jae’s project several years ago while researching mushrooms. Though I’m not a member of the Decompiculture Society (yet!), I’ve been telling everyone I know about the possibility of my corpse being consumed and detoxified by fungi. In my mind, it’s a fantastic goodbye gift.

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Happy “Poem In Your Pocket” Day!

One of my favorite days of the year…and so close to my birthday 🙂

Which poem is in your pocket today? Feel free to snap a picture and post it in the comments!


I keep the same exact poem in my pocket every single year. It is one of my favorite poems, mainly because the memory of first reading it is still fresh in my mind…

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“Have You Ever Considered Suicide?”

prompt: “Suicide.” This prompt has been in my queue for quite some time. The poem didn’t come to me until a few weeks ago, when I was asked by an extremely apathetic and disengaging medical “professional” whether or not I had ever considered suicide. I think she just wanted a black-or-white answer, which was something I am never willing to give (I hate absolutes). Because … Continue reading “Have You Ever Considered Suicide?”


An original, spontaneous poem based on the prompt mortician. This one was written for Liz. You can read the other poem I wrote for her here: Hello Tree @mayhem_and_tattoos sent me an awesome photo. He wrote the poem on his gloved hand: MorticianBillimarie Lubiano Robinson They think I study death because I’m morbid. But really the analysis of unmoving bodies makes one reconsider the steps … Continue reading “MORTICIAN”


I don’t think anyone has requested a poem about sex until now…which I find kind of surprising! The awesome Charlene wrote yet another wonderful poem on the spot and requested I write a poem on the same subject. Here is the sister poem to her poem (“Sex”). *edit: This was on the postsecret website the other day. I thought it was extremely relevant to this … Continue reading “SEXUAL SAMSARA”