Time Traveling into a Well-Kept Room

Poetry Book Review of “So Much Synth” by Brenda Shaughnessy If you’ve ever been curious about contemporary poetry, Brenda Shaughnessy is a great author to start with. It was fitting, to have discovered Shaughnessy’s poetry while I lived in Princeton. I was visiting my friend AL for a weekend and ended up staying in town for three months. I got a job working at the … Continue reading Time Traveling into a Well-Kept Room

epiphonia by billimarie lubiano robinson

It’s That Time Of Year, Again: National Poetry Month 2016

April is National Poetry Month! It’s been a while since I last attempted a poetry challenge. This year, I’ll be writing a poem a day. Each piece will be part of a broader series I am currently working on, called suck myself out the heart i give it back.   But first: a tiny poetry book To kick off #NPM16, I’d like to introduce Epiphonia: … Continue reading It’s That Time Of Year, Again: National Poetry Month 2016

Etsy Typewriter Poetry Poem Available for Purchase: “Couple #1”

“Couple #1” is the first in a series of poems called “The Couple Series.” It was conceived when–following a breakup and other intense life stuff–I somewhat impulsively decided to fly to Hawaii and backpack through the islands. Continue reading Etsy Typewriter Poetry Poem Available for Purchase: “Couple #1”

Etsy Typewriter Poetry Poem "Spring." Dutch angle against blue wood card stock. Watermark: hello eira

Typewriter Poetry on Etsy – Poem Available for Purchase: “Spring”

Winter finally hits Los Angeles–

Photograph of a cloudy sky in Los Angeles, trees, vines, the hint of a spiraling staircase. Winter in Los Angeles.
It’s supposed to rain, today…then back to sunny 60° for the rest of the week.

Here’s a poem from 2011 to inject some sunlight back into the sky. “Spring” was created in 2011 thanks to a Typewriter Poetry prompt. Natalie, the woman who asked for the poem, wanted something focused on Japan, lost lovenew love, and nostalgia–all tied in with blossoming sakura. You can read the original post here.

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“Untitled” (February 13th 2014)

Last week, I gave away free Valentine’s Day love and admiration poetry at the Mid-City farmer’s market.

A huge thanks to Moisés for giving me an amazing box of onionskin typewriter paper last year for my birthday…this was the first time I’ve used it. Love at first feel. The translucent, texturized, fragile essence made for a perfect poem this Valentine’s Day.

Here’s one of many poems I wrote during downtime.

Untitled: February 13th 2014 by billimarie typewriter poetry

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A Poem For Tiffany the Photographer at the Canoga Park Art Walk

(Photograph by Erin Stone)

Being among other Valley folk is inspirational, especially if you’re at the Canoga Park Art Walk.

No longer held in alleys, we’ve taken over the streets. Artists, vendors, food trucks, and musicians alike are neatly gathered along Owensmouth and Sherman Way as day parts into night. It gives the art walk a festive, open feel rather than a claustrophobic clutter of foot traffic.

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“Love Lust”

Packing my typewriter, collecting donations, and cleaning my bag out, I was spent for the evening and ready to go home. It hadn’t been too long of a day, but I was tired from sitting on the ground and knew I had a long bus ride ahead of me.

Out from nowhere popped Jesse. With an accent I couldn’t for the life of me place (typical tip of the tongue recognition glitch), he said he’d spotted me putting away my sign and typewriter and wanted to snap a picture. He showed me the candid. Before I knew it, I got to staying, he got to sitting, and we both got to talking.

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