A Poem For Tiffany the Photographer at the Canoga Park Art Walk

Originally Posted: September 25th, 2013
Updated: June 9th, 2020

(Photograph by Erin Stone)

Being among other Valley folk is inspirational, especially if you’re at the Canoga Park Art Walk.

No longer held in alleys, we’ve taken over the streets. Artists, vendors, food trucks, and musicians alike are neatly gathered along Owensmouth and Sherman Way as day parts into night. It gives the art walk a festive, open feel rather than a claustrophobic clutter of foot traffic.

You might be able to tell from previous posts that I’ve got a special love for the Canoga Park Art Walk. I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve participated since the very first one, or because it fosters San Fernando Valley arts, community, and pride. Maybe it’s because I’ve come to know the people who make it great.

I’m extremely grateful that I got the chance to participate in the last art walk of the year. I missed out on the past four events due to being out of town or busy. That turned out to be a good thing; I was given the opportunity to witness a radical change in the Canoga Park Art Walk’s growth, people, and artistry.

Portrait of billimarie typewriter poetry canoga park artwalk
(Photograph by Indivisual Photography)

Tiffany was waiting patiently in the line that formed sometime before the sun went down. Her thick long hair and striking facial features stood out in my mind as I typed poems for others. She also had a digital SLR camera around her neck.

When it was her turn, we smiled and immediately let our guards down. She asked if she could take pictures while I typed her poem. She was kind enough to send back the poem as a photograph, the poem itself nicely framed by the Artisanal LA flyer I’ll be typing at:

Poem for Tiffany by billimarie (edges trees breeze)

Edges is our maker.
We tree each other.
Find talk between
branches, pass in trance
light view. The breeze
has nothing on you.

september 19th 2013

6 thoughts on “A Poem For Tiffany the Photographer at the Canoga Park Art Walk”

  1. Fantastic! The poem is so beautiful and positive and I really dig the photographs. (Also really like the redesign).

    1. Thanks, Richard! It really was an excellent encounter.

      And yes, I’m finally getting into “serious” blogging. Took long enough! Did you notice your blurb at the bottom of the page? I plan on making a blogroll sidebar in the future.

  2. Luminescent poem and a lovely intro – (haven’t forgotten to comment on ‘Angels..’ it will come.)

  3. You must publish a book about your typewriter adventures, I find it so inspirational and fascinating

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