Originally Posted: August 4th, 2022
Updated: May 11th, 2023

Traveling through Cuba with my typewriter. (2019)


Hi, I’m Billimarie. I live in a tiny house school bus. I like to type poems for people.

Typewriter Poetry started as a blog after I graduated from Cal State Northridge, where I studied Poetry and Film. While searching for a typewriter, I connected with a lot of different vagabond artists, typewriter poets, and transient travelers.

My typewriter found me while I was browsing eBay. After it arrived, I typed short stories and poems for my family and friends.

Eventually, this evolved into people requesting poems. I started to type “FREE POETRY” for people in public spaces, like art festivals, farmer’s markets, and tourist spots.

After spending a decade traveling, I settled back in my hometown of Los Angeles. I’ve returned back to Typewriter Poetry after a brief hiatus–also known as early parenting–and enjoy typing poems for people from my small art studio and tiny house in the desert.

In my free time, I plant as many trees, grasses, wildflowers, and other plants in our small but mighty desert garden. Inspired by my daughter, my hope is to one day cultivate a thriving food forest out here.

Thanks for supporting me as an artist, a writer, and a free spirit. Your support means the world.

With Love (& Other Stardust),

Billimarie (aka Eira)