Typewriter Poems

"Butterflies of New Beginnings" by Billimarie Lubiano Robinson - "Crawling is a slow path / unto greatness, proceeding only intuition / the mother of cosmic beauty." (Typewriter Poetry)
Brown Typewriter Poetry Cards - Back (reads: Typewriter Poetry by Billimarie Lubiano Robinson)
"The Valley" by billimarie typewriter poetry
"The Farmer's Market" by Billimarie Lubiano Robinson - "Quiet band / setting up. On the wrong / edge of morning / a neighborly glance / wrapped in suspicions / finds its way into 'hello'" (Typewriter Poetry)
Billimarie and her mom in front of Audrey (II) from the Little Shop of Horrors in Jacob Maarse.
Typewriter Poetry - Snail Mail, Letter Art - "Beneath The Winter Lies The Waiting" by Billimarie Lubiano Robinson
"With Ink" by Billimarie Lubiano Robinson - Typewriter Poetry
Etsy Typewriter Poetry Typewritten Poem by billimarie "Take." Dutch angle against floral pink card stock. Watermark: hello eira.