"Invisible Stains" by Billimarie Lubiano Robinson - "I am staring at my knuckles / all throughout dinner, as if I can will / myself into existence." (Typewriter Poetry)


Originally Posted: October 10th, 2011
Updated: January 4th, 2020

prompt: “Chocolate Milk :0)”

It’s kind of funny that this one is a little sad, seeing as the prompt was from my childhood best friend…a friendship I have happy memories of

4 thoughts on ““INVISIBLE STAINS””

  1. One of my fondest memories is blowing into a plastic cup of chocolate milk with a bendy straw. The cup’s plastic label was peeling and filled with tiny air bubbles that I would poke, that were the raised head of some cartoon character.

    To me, this one encapsulated the burden of youth. Nicely done.

    1. I’ve been rewriting a lot of these poems for consideration in my Typewriter Poetry chapbook…and that second stanza you mentioned has been getting on my nerves. I’m never sure if I should keep it or tweak it or leave it as is. Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed it–now I know to keep it!

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