Typewriter Poems

Originally Posted: December 26th, 2014
Updated: May 10th, 2020


"you rummage through faces
you face me
your wilt"

Couple #1

"Must've been winter
when we last laughed
over coffee

and my scorched toungue"


"Lips an ancient pink
and skin riddled with wrinkles"


"said her
limbs were

baiting him"

Eyes & I's

"Saucer lens
is a dish. The acts
we react to in front

of an audience."

On Jesterisms

"In classless stampedes, we taste

mindless magicks.
And upon arrival, our
knees do the talking:"

Love Lust

"He's got his chemical
reactions spurting
out of his eyes, a surprise"

Deep Sea, Deep Space

"When you turn brightness down
look for the narrow space between words"

The Hold

"I didn't know I was hurting you.
Well, you did
Well, I'm sorry"


"My pockets hold life-size drawings
of tiny creatures with thin glass claws
and cottonball eyes."


"my daughter's got an awe
about her, she's got places
to be and worlds
to create."

Butterflies of New Beginnings

"Crawling is a slow path
unto greatness, proceeding only intuition
the mother of cosmic beauty."

Poem for Tiffany (Photographer)

"The breeze
has nothing on you."


"You think I'm cute? Well,
I've got teeth
that capitalize
on uncharted territories."


"Wrangle me, octopus tentacles!
Your oily void bemuses
more than my underwater willies."


"Only on you does ennui entice
such a decorous breed
to wolf."

Picture Me Curious

"a chance at reliving
the thumbnail phases
I wrapped myself too tightly in."

Poem for Allen (Conductak)

"And the earth
with its rotations
takes us places we
don't even dream

Poem for Mona

does it mean to be an artist,
a scientist, a mathematician?
Tell me where the line ends
and where it begins;"


"Not for this heart the wing beats
of birds inconsolable as a past life"

Poem for Christie

"Formal street beats
during the summer in Berkeley,
cross-generational friendships
the talk a new sound."


"They think I study
because I’m morbid.
But really
the analysis
of unmoving bodies
makes one reconsider"

Poem for Ophelia

"Hello diplomatic eyes! Why yes,
it takes a certain level
of knowing to achieve
that restless curiosity."

She Is You (And Me)

"Well it started in the summer, sometime in June, when it was warm enough to go swimming in last season's bathing suit, but as she knows I wasn't going anywhere near that plaid banking blue and pink,"


"If silence is golden, then words
must be godly--the babble
of babes, an otherworldly tongue"

Couple #8

drivel me timbers
i like it you like it we come
sweet nothings"


"my dreams often make loud
chaotic sounds. it can't be
a surprise, then:"

From One Curio To Another

is what i feel


Floral Soundtrack

"Who caused
these handmade Rorschach stains?"

Of My Lover The Sea

"I would carry her burdens if she'd let me."

Orange Carrots

"Orange is my favorite color.
You don't believe me? Why"

For the Dollmaker

"You dip me in liquid latex
the newborn that I am
then wait for skin to form
before showering me in baby powder."


"In an old corner of the room, ragged
and spent with forgotten furniture, she sits"

People Like Us

"People like us
don't contain themselves.
We move
with the knowledge
of eventual combustion,"


"IM me on Yahoo! Messenger.
It's important.
My username is deborahmeliarr
121377, and I am afraid
of these strange roots"

To The Faux Vegans & Sometimes Vegetarians

"Two pieces of meaty vegetables
tonsil the crook of your dishwasher,
forced to drown bathe choke soak baptize itself
among retired mechanics"

The Farmer's Market

"Quiet band
setting up. On the wrong
edge of morning
a neighborly glance
wrapped in suspicions
finds its way into 'hello'"

Hymn On High To The God/dess Int

"Praise be unto Int, the Int
who blessed us with limitless lols and multiplicity
in all forms,"

Mindful of Home

"On the train ride home,
the woman said the parasite she picked
up from Thailand was making her fat."

The Process

"What I don't tell you is
I'm judging your walk,
your hidden eyes and your
jagged smile."

Winter Kisses

"Most people can't stand the cold. But we
move in circles around each other,
unafraid of chilled, winter kisses
and dark blue skies made of ice."

I Saw You Last Night

"Who says sleep
is subconscious? We don't
just meet
in our dreams, we collapse
into each other,
exhausted from travel
climbing through one
black hole
into another."


"If you record a video in the woods
with your FlipCam
and no one reblogs it,
does it make a sound?"


"Commanding these skies with your father
seems like a lifetime ago,"

Spring Summer Somethingness

"Your stare is an Alaskan blue
deep and chilled, often void
of sun, full of suicide."


"Accept heartache's hand
not in marriage, but divine union

That is the dance."


"When was the last time
you thought
of me, unexpected
as if in a dream?"


"We could be swinging
from dusty charms, threaded from stars,
and still--your eyes are empty."

Horizonal Asymptotes In Love

"Five. Seven. Then five.
The universal answer.
Math, nature as one."

Prima Donna

"Did you see the prima donna
across the street in Tijuana?"


"We busked for a day.
I danced; you played.
Make a wish,
you said in pennies--
southwest bubble gardens
and madhatter currency,
our percocet wedding at the fountain."

Have You Ever Considered Suicide?

"I've fallen in love
with all of life's
paradoxes. Especially the one
where I am 97 years old
and ready to jump
after knowing each curve of the world
as intimately as my own

The Happy Poem

"It's a hard state
to be in, I'll
give you that--"

Poem for Jude

"One day you will bury
the memory: the color
of my eyes, the feel
of my fur."

D > B; H > ?

"They are smaller, now. Do you think
they are thankful? I hear them chirp
and imagine their ancestors
bulky and taking
up room to roam in this world."


"Oh! If only
time zones were erogenous
by nature. We could be fondling
state lines, by now.
Romantic, isn't it? To love
across maps of highways
and mountains."


"Mistakes are more permanent
than we'd often admit. They fade
like ancient scars which once seeped
beyond skin and into being"


"Its name I can't recall
but like love, I am still reeling
from its absence."

Couple #2

"I'm in love with you
means I got lucky

like losing a map
then finding a road"

Poem for Gypsy

"She looks at me with her goofy smile
licks that lap
at friendly hands
and all I can hope for
I've already prayed:
a gentle passing
and moments of infinite beauty."

Some Abstractions

"Some abstractions
I could live without.
The first being money.
Second: power.
And third is freedom--"

Hello Tree

"One morning I heard
your soft whisper: a rustle
among decaying leaves."

The Valley

"Full of people
empty of people
these streets wear histories
reverend stretchmarks along
tattered boulevards."

Sexual Samsara

"Certainly there are types
who refer to the first time
as losing,"

Never Alone

"The sun peaked out at me
as I wandered
through the holy crevasses
of your fine oak drawers."

Couple #11

"our bodies warmed
by fires inside

thank you, vodka
and pineapples"


"I know now
there are moments
I can never take back."

The Wildflower Rose

"Blossoming from the hear of Asia
a base-born epidemic took root.

Hybridity gave them eternal bloom.
A high-maintenance delicacy to defend."

On Leaving

pick up
where we left

Ad Nauseam

shake me out of this stupor--paralyzed
in retroactive loops, yet the swell"

Invisible Stains

"I am staring at my knuckles
all throughout dinner, as if I can will
myself into existence."

Friday The 13th

"Everyone's got a number.
You're either lucky
or you're not. Me?
I've been spinning
off a dime, drenched
in spontaneous time."

Metro Poetry

"It's a jump throat magic
varied tones, yes,
face primped"

Couple #1

"Must have been winter
when we last laughed
over coffee

and my scorched tongue"


"She was snowy.
That's what I remember.
Like the frost on
childhood cereal--
Mini Wheats
or something close."

Cricket's Cacophony

"Now sleep
is a myth. Silence
an exhausted metaphor."

Couple #4

"We shortcut paradise
with an addict
in lightning canopy rain."

Beneath the Winter lies the Waiting

"the whole of us peering into the earth, listening."