Originally Posted: January 24th, 2020
Updated: May 15th, 2020

Richard Guest once commented that he was surprised most of my poems are fiction-based. Here is one that is about an actual experience.


We busked for a day.
I danced; you played.
Make a wish,
you said in pennies–
southwest bubble gardens
and madhatter currency,
our percocet wedding at the fountain.

It’s not your face
I can recall, but your glow
baggy orange, streaking dirt
and those light brown ale eyes.
How they fell
when I returned
our engagement hemp bracelet!
I can still hear yogi’s help
trailing behind my unmended
skirt as I walked away.

june 4th 2012

12 thoughts on ““Bradley””

  1. i like the way your poetry looks on the screen, type written but in a web-site. you signed this piece ‘eira’. This means snow in Welsh. Your site is really lovely.ย 

    1. I think that’s my favorite thing about it, too. I’m never sure if I should make the typewriter pictures look more ‘grainy’ and photolike, or just leave it sharp.

      You know what’s funny. I had a soul encounter a few times in which I came away with so many lessons, a few of which being white blue halo, eira, and stars. When I looked ‘eira’ up, I learned about snow and also various goddesses who are dedicated to healing, growing. Very appropriate at the time. What freaked me out the most, however, was that a year later I realized ‘eira’ is the last four letters of my legal name spelled backwards (‘eiramilliB’). Hehe. So while traveling, I introduce myself as eira.
      Thanks for visiting ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Richard S Guest

    This is so beautiful, (and freighted with the autobiographical).You’ve captured the scene so elegantly. I can’t believe I got a mention in the intro. Thank you, billimarie!

    1. Thanks, Richard! I thought a link mention would be appropriate, as I probably wouldn’t have written this without thinking about your past comment. As always, thanks for reading!

    1. Oh, yes! I was in New Mexico for a while–Lamy, Santa Fe, and Taos. I want to visit again to get a better feel of the area. I ended up being captured by Colorado beauty over New Mexico’s, which I wasn’t expecting at all.

  3. I found you back! ย  Now I can catch up with your poem ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

    Ciao, Francinaย 

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