“From One Curio To Another”

Originally Posted: February 21st, 2012
Updated: January 4th, 2020

here is a poem for the prompt “curio”

“From One Curio To Another”

from one curio
to another :

more words


a mantra: this is what i feel, now.
this is what
i feel, now.

is what i feel


crabs burrow in the afternoon
dying light
then darkness
the old new moon
the pull, the push,
receding not retreating

waves keep coming. i’ll jump goodbye

no more words
no actions
we fade: this is what i feel
now. this

is what

i feel, now.

  • billimarie

5 thoughts on ““From One Curio To Another””

  1. What I feel now is that I would be jealous of your incredible talent, if I couldn’t tell by your poems that you are also a kindhearted thoughtful person. So no jealousy on my part, just awe.

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