Etsy Typewriter Poetry Poem "Spring." Dutch angle against blue wood card stock. Watermark: hello eira

Typewriter Poetry on Etsy – Poem Available for Purchase: “Spring”

Originally Posted: December 30th, 2014
Updated: January 4th, 2020

Winter finally hits Los Angeles–

Photograph of a cloudy sky in Los Angeles, trees, vines, the hint of a spiraling staircase. Winter in Los Angeles.
It’s supposed to rain, today…then back to sunny 60° for the rest of the week.

Here’s a poem from 2011 to inject some sunlight back into the sky. “Spring” was created in 2011 thanks to a Typewriter Poetry prompt. Natalie, the woman who asked for the poem, wanted something focused on Japan, lost lovenew love, and nostalgia–all tied in with blossoming sakura. You can read the original post here.

Etsy Typewriter Poetry Poem "Spring." Medium Shot. Blue wood card stock.

Etsy Typewriter Poetry Poem "Spring." Extreme close up. Blue wood card stock.

I updated the Etsy “Spring” edition. Tiny changes.

As I wrote about yesterday, hello eira will be selling decorative poetry and other literary arts & craftinspired by everyday magics.

You can purchase a Mounted copy, which has the option of being mounted on card stock, canvas, or black board.

You can also get a customized poem and personalize poetry (Limited Edition) for yourself.

Etsy Typewriter Poetry Poem "Spring." Dutch angle against blue wood card stock.
Purchase “Spring” on Etsy at hello eira.
Lips an ancient pink
and skin riddled with wrinkles,
I can see beauty
in your smile. Of course,
there is always something new
passing between us:
that limitless depth
shines like the purest night sky
through unfiltered eyes,
as cherry blossoms
fall to death, love, and rebirth
in the ageless wind.

Free Typewriter Poetry Poem for Readers

From Monday (December 29th) until Friday (January 2nd), I’ll be posting new items at hello eira each morning.

As a thank you for your curiosity, insight, and kind words over the years, I’d like to send you a free poem.

You can wait until all the poems are up at the end of the week to choose which poetry you’d like sent to you. Use the coupon TYPEWRITER2015 (expires January 7th 2015) and get a $7.50 discount off your total purchase at checkout. There’s a catch: you’d still have to pay for shipping, because that’s how Etsy’s system works.

Typewriter Poetry Etsy shop, hello eira Facebook cover and logo. It's typewritten on gray paper. The typeface font is the color of the universe.

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