Originally Posted: June 20th, 2011
Updated: January 4th, 2020

Here’s a poem for a former Creative Writing classmate of mine 🙂 Thanks for the prompt, Sheena!

prompt: “temporary long distance relationship”

*erogenous is actually spelled with one r, hehe


Oh! if only
timezones were erogenous
by nature. We could be fondling
state lines, by now.
Romantic, isn’t it? To love
across maps of highways
and mountains. When even ants
can march for miles
without fatigue, who are we, then,
to doubt anything
as worthy as a love
that spends its life
hovering between sunset and moonrise?

— billimarie

2 thoughts on ““STANDSTILL””

  1. You are one talented poet! My boyfriend and I are about to embark on a five month long distance relationship, so this is perfect!

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