Custom Typewriter Poem


Receive a Custom Typewriter Poem based upon your email description. You can also schedule a Virtual Poetry Session for a video chat meeting, instead.

Choose between a Simple Envelope or a personalized Mail Art Package, below.

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Originally Posted: May 28th, 2020
Updated: June 15th, 2020

Custom Typewriter Poem Made Especially For You 💘📬

Have you ever had a poem written specifically for you? I’ve written custom typewriter poems for hundreds of people for the last nine years.

Place an order and you will receive:

  • an email exchange about what your poem is about
  • a typewritten poem
  • the poem will be mailed to you

The Simple Envelope ($12) option includes:

  • a simple, kraft (brown) envelope
  • the recipient’s name & address, typewritten

The Mail Art ($25) option includes:

  • a personalized envelope, decorated with found art, paint, & ink
  • the recipient’s name & address, handwritten
  • a flower pressed into the letter

Want a Virtual Poetry Session, instead? We’ll meet over video chat where your poem will be written on the spot.

Packaging Options

Mail Art Envelope, Simple Envelope


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