Artisanal LA: Autumn 2014

Originally Posted: October 16th, 2014
Updated: January 3rd, 2015

Artisanal LA Typewriter Poetry Billimarie The Social Booth CoA tremendous thank you to everyone who stopped by for a free poem at Artisanal LA! The Reef was full of passionate foodies and crafty vendors; what an inspiring mix of people to collide into. Every isle you meandered down beckoned you with some sensually stimulating substance. Scented spices, meats and cheeses–even goats! They nibbled you softly when you went over to say hello.

In the midst of it all, my absolute favorite booth was Spread the Love. Zach and Valerie are a warm, delightful couple sharing their delicious homemade artisanal peanut butter with the world. I got the chance to take home their new pumpkin seed peanut butter after typing Zach a poem.

Compared to last year, my booth was spruced up considerably. Huge thank you to Bryan for coming and helping me pack up.

Artisanal LA Typewriter Poetry Billimarie Instagram
 came over to say hello. We caught up and he sketched me as I typed his poem. His drawing is hanging up in my room here in New Jersey.

Typewriter Poetry Sketch Billimarie Allen  Artisanal LA
The ladies in the booth across from mine came over for a poem. They were kind enough to post it on instagram:

Typewriter Poetry Artisanal LA Billimarie Heidi's Salsa
Sauce LA
put on a spectacular seasonal event, yet again. A special shout out to Shawna and Shelley for including me in the festivities. I’m sure all of us participating appreciate the hard work you do!

…and last but not least, a heartfelt thank you to Crystal. Those mixed drinks were phenomenal–and definitely helped keep the poetic “spirits” alive 🙂


You start to crave it.
An edge to keep
each other challenged,

something you can brand
as your own. Being bred
in Los Angeles, you get used

to the heat.

— billimarie
october 11th 2014

4 thoughts on “Artisanal LA: Autumn 2014”

    1. Thanks for reading, John! It’s certainly been awhile, but now I’ve been on a sharing spree 🙂 Happy holidays!

  1. Hi billimarie! Sounds like a rich, rewarding and nourishing event. I love the portraits – the first one looks like it’s been lifted from a glossy magazine spread. I really like the poem too!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Richard! Have you ever used those new, technologically advanced photobooths at events? Not the old photobooths, but something completely new…that’s how that magazine spread style picture was taken. I don’t know if the phtobooth craze has taken over in London, but it certainly has in Los Angeles. The printing quality is terrible but it’s such a fun time with props, decoration, and immediate gratification (you can usually find your photobooth picture online the next day).

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