"Billimarie" by Typewriter Troubadour in Philly

“Billimarie” by the Typewriter Troubadour

Originally Posted: January 1st, 2020
Updated: January 30th, 2020

A couple years ago, a friend surprised me with a lovely gift. He came across Jeremy of Typewriter Troubadour and asked him to type a poem for me.

Have you ever received a typewriter poem written especially for you? I had not. For as long as I’ve been typing poems, this was the first time I’ve ever been gifted a typewritten poem that was requested with me in mind.

It’s nice to be on this side of the table. I now have some idea of what people feel when I gift them their poem.

"Billimarie" by Typewriter Troubadour in Philly
“Billimarie” by Jeremy (Typewriter Troubadour)


she shows up
to the moment
surrendering to
the uncertainty
in an ever expanding
universe, savor
the sensations of feeling
grounded in your body
wherever you end up, finding
fascination in the fever
burning, the branch
breaking, or the siren’s
warning that you only have
life to burn, so let
it blaze

–Typewriter Troubadour, Philly, 2017

If you have a personalized typewriter poem, where do you keep yours? Throughout the years, I’ve received pictures of where people keep the poems I type for them. One woman sent me a picture of the poem I wrote her taped to her wall. Another showed me her poem in a gorgeous silver picture frame. I particularly liked the instance where I ran into someone I hadn’t seen for years and they pulled the poem I wrote for them out of their wallet.

I keep this poem on my altar, next to all my other sentimental symbols.

Thank you to my friend for thoughtfully gifting this to me all those years ago, and thank you to Jeremy of Typewriter Troubadour for writing it.

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