Happy “Poem In Your Pocket” Day!

Originally Posted: April 26th, 2012
Updated: January 4th, 2015

One of my favorite days of the year…and so close to my birthday 🙂

Which poem is in your pocket today? Feel free to snap a picture and post it in the comments!


I keep the same exact poem in my pocket every single year. It is one of my favorite poems, mainly because the memory of first reading it is still fresh in my mind…

A couple years ago, I bought a book of poems on impulse back when Borders was still around. Driving, I decided to hang out in a park I always passed by but never actually stopped at to enjoy. There was a lake that was a beautiful disgusting shade of puke swamp green. There were ducks with warts and mean pigeons. A man in the bleachers crooning with his saxophone. I read the entire collection while taking breaks to look up and just be. When I got to the last poem, I cried as I sat on a rotting bench, then simply took in the greenery and smog around me. It’s my favorite poem because of the memory of those moments, and how every time I read the entire collection, it rises and falls like a symphony and ultimately leaves you in a different state than what you were.


“The White Lilies” by Louise GlĂĽck

As a man and a woman make
a garden between them like
a bed of stars, here
they linger in the summer evening
and the evening turns
cold with their terror: it
could all end, it is capable
of devastation. All, all
can be lost, through scented air
the narrow columns
uselessly rising, and beyond,
a churning sea of poppies–

Hush, beloved. It doesn’t matter to me
how many summers I live to return:
this one summer we have entered eternity.
I felt your two hands
bury me to release its splendor.

(from “The Wild Iris”)

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