Kindness Bracelets & Jewelry as Poetry

Originally Posted: October 3rd, 2013
Updated: December 31st, 2019


Spontaneous gift giving is something I do a lot while traveling. Besides poetry, I’ll also gift books, clothes, and jewelry to new friends I’ve made.

I also receive a variety of gifts. I’ve referenced intangible gifts in the past, the ineffable something people have offered me after we’ve created a poem. I don’t really talk about the physical gifts I’ve been given–with the exception of  other poems created for me.

I’ve been gifted jewelry twice while doing Typewriter Poetry. My personal favorite is the wooden set of tree earrings Melisa gave me after I typed her a poem at the Gilroy Garlic Festival (seen above).

Another favorite is the Kindness Bracelet I received while traveling through the Bay Area:

Free Stories Typewriter Poetry Pink Kindness Bracelets
Tyler made up “Free Stories” on the spot for strangers, while I typed “Free Poetry” as usual.

The purple/white bracelet on my wrist (as well as the red on Tyler’s) are Christie’s Kindness Bracelets. She makes these bracelets in different colors and waits for opportunities to give them to others as an act of kindness. “My only requirement,” I remember her telling us, “is that you pass the kindness on.” That was no problem; we were already consistently doing it. Throughout the rest of our journey, we had ample opportunities to pay it forward to countless others we met along the way. 

I ended up giving the largest green bracelet you see in the picture to a beautiful little girl we met at restaurant in Redding, California. At first, she was hesitant to accept the gift. She thought it was too much. Once her father acknowledged she could take it, you could see the excitement and gratitude playing out on her face.

She told me she loved studying gems. We shared a mutual love of minerals. Tyler and I were on our way to Mount Shasta (en route to Ashland, Oregon), and she offered tons of advice on which crystal shops to check out. She talked and turned the bracelet over absent-mindedly in her hands, touching it with extreme (though unconscious) care. I knew I had given my favorite bracelet away to the right person. Even better, right before we left the restaurant, she told me she planned to give the bracelet to her mom as a Christmas present–but only after her new sibling was born.

I miss the jewelry I’ve given away, but that small yearning makes the giving all the more valuable. Even still, the items that were given to me by kind strangers are especially treasured. These are pieces of earth crafted by human hands. These are items which mean something to someone, and meant something to me. Their sacred sentimentality will always remain threaded throughout my life.

It doesn’t surprise me that “jewel” has ties to words like jest, joy, joke, rejoice, game, play. I view jewelry as manifestations of symbols, dreams, and abstractions. What makes it even more poetic is the fact that these sources come directly to us from earth. I am often amazed by the little reminders in life that show us we are part of the world, quite literally! Our bodies constantly maintain intimate relations with the earth, whether we’re aware of it or not. Jewelry and other meaningful objects (such as the twisted buddha) are physical inspirations we are able to carry upon our bodies. What a notion! That these material “things” provide a two-way street: one to the world we have come to call home, and the other inward, toward memory and imagination, a space that remains no matter where we choose to rest our heads.


And of course, the poem inspired by Christie and her beautiful family:

Typewriter Poetry poem by billimarie for Family Vacation Berkeley Team Olsen Photography

Formal street beats
during the summer in Berkeley,
cross-generational friendships
the talk a new sound.
Vacation is our vocation,
serious fun where one can find it.
Falling in love with colors
of the city, the same ones
we find in ourselves
and each other.

august 3rd 2013


  • Thanks to Christie for sending in her lovely photographs from Berkeley (Team Olsen Photography). The picture of my favorite earrings were taken by yours truly.

5 thoughts on “Kindness Bracelets & Jewelry as Poetry”

  1. Thank you so much, billimarie! That was beautifully said! It was such an honor to meet you. You have this bright light of joy within you which attracts people. Continue to do what you do best and always remember to spread love and kindness throughout the world! You are blessed. <3 ~Christie :-)

    1. Light attracts light! It was such an amazing time talking to you, receiving your enthusiasm. Thank you for the encouragement and please know you’ll be in my thoughts!

  2. This is such a positive post – you have such a cool attitude to Things! That girl will probably never forget that day. Great poem (as always)!

    1. Oh, you get it–Things! :)

      I thought her wish to give it to her mother after her sibling was born was extremely heartfelt, inspiring, kind.

      Thanks for letting me know what you think!

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