Los Angeles Makerspaces…and Conductak

Originally Posted: April 29th, 2020
Updated: May 16th, 2020

I can’t quit L.A.

Artisanal LA invited me to type free poetry once again at their upcoming fall showcase. With enthusiasm, I said yes.

I’ll be back home this October, flying in from the east coast.

Most of the people I typed for at last year’s Artisanal LA event have blurred together in memory. Even still, there is one fellow I have no intention of ever forgetting.

Allen Pan and Billimarie at Artisanal LA

He came over with a friend. She wandered off to take pictures as he and I began to talk. At first, we did the basic Typewriter Poetry dance. He asked about the project, I answered with my usual bases covered. Soon, something shifted. He sat down on the floor. I halted my work on another person’s poem. We dove into our hitchhiking and traveling stories; afterward, he shared his love of robotics and electronics with me.

It’s been almost a year since Allen Pan and I randomly met. Since then, he’s thrown together a Kickstarter for his innovative concept, Conductak. A catchy name for an awesome project that Do-It-Yourself enthusiasts like myself can utilize:

“Conductak” by Allen Pan on Kickstarter

Conductak is an electrically conductive sticky tack. Use it to prototype circuits and mount components practically anywhere.

Conductak Kickstarter

Feel free to spread the word about Conductak, as Allen is–in my opinion–way too down to earth to even consider clinging onto the whole idea of marketing and self-promotion. His project is already a Staff Pick! I donated. Let me know if you donate, as well.

Here is the poem I wrote for Allen almost a year ago when we met at Artisanal LA. He used his recycled batch of failed Conductak as good old regular sticky tack, sticking the physical poem onto his wall.

“Poem For Allen” by Billimarie


Without glancing, you spin
heavy circles around me.
And the earth
with its rotations
takes us places we
don’t even dream
about. This is the journey–
or so they say
over and over again
vying for some semblance
of meaning. This is a life
you’re toying with:
at least make it
audible for clearance.

october 13th 2013

…As an added bonus, here are two YouTube videos I found which feature Allen. You’ll be richer for watching them–and perhaps you might share that wealth with his Kickstarter.

“Hi! I’m Allen Pan, and I’m a Science Man.”
On his work as the Electronics & Robotics Fellow at LA Makerspace

2 thoughts on “Los Angeles Makerspaces…and Conductak”

  1. I love that note of mild exasperation at the end of your poem, Billimarie. Sounding a beautiful note as always. Conductak is such a brilliantly simple idea – I hope Allen takes it further. Electric putty!

    1. It’s been a while since I read this one. Thanks for reading. Electric putty…! Both phrases have a ring to them. I hope he takes it further, too!

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