Lovely Letters: A Gorgeous Message To An Activist In Philly

This past month, I’ve been honored to craft lovely letters, stories, poems, & words for some incredible individuals.

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Today’s feature is a wonderful note crafted by my friend, Maggie. She’s an insightful, compassionate, & creative woman I met many moons ago while passing through Philadelphia in 2014. She caught a beautiful moment on camera while I was typing Free Poetry for people in Rittenhouse Square; the picture she took was part of her photography exhibit weeks later, alongside many other amazing street portraits she had taken throughout the season.

I sill remember the theme for her show: “gratitude.”

Typewriter Poetry greeting card by Billimarie - Fruit Tree - Front of Card

Earlier this week, Maggie gifted a personalized #BlackLivesMatter card to a friend & fellow activist in Philly. Typing her thoughtful message took me back to a time several years ago, when I worked in Jersey doing activist work for prisoners’ rights. Creatively, I had stopped giving away Free Poetry and focused instead on building a (now defunct) nonprofit project called CLASP. My fellow co-founder and I would spend nights shifting through endless piles of legal papers & notes, editing legal cases brought against the State by prisoners we were representing pro bono. In my free time, I coordinated weekly volunteer coding sessions for the US Prosecutor Database, an open-source tech project I created after being inspired by Angela Davis’ “Arbitrary Justice.”

…I also practiced cooking crêpes to feed my friends.

Typewriter Poetry greeting card by Billimarie - Fruit Tree - Inside of Card

I’m grateful to have such memories. In an alternate universe, I’d already be at the CHAZ (as I was at Occupy LA, & COP-21 in Paris). In this universe, I remain cautiously at home with my daughter, often walking through my mother’s garden with her in my arms, slowly guiding her to sleep. As one season ends and another begins, I am thankful to be in a place where I can pass the spirit of a thing through, like a bridge or a tunnel.

Without further ado, here’s the letter in its entirety:

Dear Paige,
Thinking of you, and ever-inspired by your commitment to justice. These days I am often reminded of the Audre Lorde quote, "If they cannot love and resist at the same time, they probably will not survive." Love and resistance are of equal merit, and I hope you are making room for both at this crucial  moment. You shine so brightly to everyone lucky enough to be in your orbit, and it's a privilege to be among those touched by  your brilliance.
Love always,
Typewriter Poetry greeting card by Billimarie - Fruit Tree - Back of Card

Thank you Maggie for inspiring this reflection—& for your kindness, your strength, & ever-flowing generosity.

With Love,

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