Billimarie and her mom in front of Audrey (II) from the Little Shop of Horrors in Jacob Maarse.

Pasadena ARTWalk: “Poem for Evelyn”

Originally Posted: January 15th, 2020
Updated: January 30th, 2020

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of typing Free Poetry at Artisanal LA‘s Makers’ Market during the Pasadena ARTWalk.

Before I set up my Typewriter Poetry booth, I wandered into the gorgeous floral warehouse, Jacob Maarse. It’s one of my favorite shops to browse. There’s the huge warehouse anyone can walk into, where they arrange for drivers & deliveries to pick up & drop off their floral masterpieces. Inside the shop, you’re surrounded by a wild diversity of flowers & plants, antique ceramics, lovely wooden pieces, and sculptures that would make any garden sing.

I took pictures with my mom in front of their staff-made Halloween creation, Audrey (II) (from the Little Shop of Horrors):

Me and my mom with Audrey II (Little Shop of Horrors) at Jacob Maarse.

A woman walking by the doorway asked about my typewriter. “Is that a purse?” I told her it was a real, but that a lot of people assume it’s a well-designed bag. Toward the end of our conversation, I mentioned I would be setting up to type Free Poetry for people during the Pasadena ARTWalk, at the Artisanal LA Makers’ Market.

Later that day, Evelyn came by with her husband and sat down for a poem:

Evelyn and her poem

Evelyn – October 12th 2019

Minerals. Exchanges
with this earth–a quiet belonging
like sleeping in a dimly lit room,
full of shadows, almost ready
to give way, to birth. I watched
the birds flee from the Valley in the fire.
Wondered of the butterflies and bees.
Here, together, we sit and we roam–
often in forgetful consumption. Occasionally
in remembrance of the glorious room
we all have lived together in.


“Evelyn – October 12th 2019” by Billimarie (@typewriterpoetry)

Thank you, Evelyn, for your conversation & curiosity-it was wonderful spontaneously meeting you. Additional thanks to Shawna from Artisanal LA for inviting me to perform, as well as my mom for coming with me. It was my mom’s second time ever seeing me type Free Poetry–the first was at WorldFest, where I typed “Koalas” & “Daughter” among other poems. I’m always grateful for friends & family who spend a few hours of their day to watch me type, & help me setup and breakdown my booth.

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