To Variations on an Old Theme

Time being cyclical—

If you told me in my 20’s that I’d be back in LA, I wouldn’t have believed it.

At the same time, there are so many incredible people and places and things here that it makes truly leaving a bit hard.

That’s the same for any city, really. Any Town can be a Home if you see it in the right light.

Almost twelve years ago, I stayed in the Arts District, a small section of #DTLA, splitting a loft with three others. I met some incredible people—mostly women doing general bad-assery. It left a positive impression on me, and set the tone for what would one day be my Typewriter Poetry adventures.

Recently, I’ve felt a shift away from the desert & the skoolie into something in the city. (If you didn’t know, I’ve been planting trees in the desert via For Every Star, A Tree, & creating a tiny house glampsite a la the Starry Night Skoolie).

I’m taking a big leap of faith & joining a creative community near one of my favorite parks: LA State Historic Park. Back when I lived in the area, that park was just an open dirt field. I remember because I would walk from where I was staying at the Vignes Artist lofts, & sit on a bench to bask in the day while writing in my journal. LA Decompression hosted annual events there, where I volunteered to help clean up, build, & make art. Now the park serves as a reminder of what a community can do.

Inspiration for the desert.

It’s a poetic comedy—I am back at the place that helped shape me as a creative, but I am also back at the place where I existed as a train grinding its tracks. It was not the worst version of myself. But I was in the midst of learning what it means to truly burn a bridge.

My intentions for this space:

Something healing. Maybe a place where the younger me could go & feel seen.

I’m committed to cultivating what that could look like.

I’m in my season of hibernation—thank you, winter—but I’m starting to emerge & reconnect with old friends, family, people I barely knew, people I’ve known for what seems like lifetimes.

I hope you see this, and I hope you say “hi.”

Here’s to variations on an old theme.

Happy holidays, friends 🙂

—Billimarie, Billi, Eira, Mari

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