The Happy Poem

Originally Posted: May 21st, 2012
Updated: January 25th, 2020

Last week at the Canoga Park Art Walk, I had the pleasure of meeting Julie. She’s the type of person who puts out an energetic vibe, and so I was very happy to write a poem for her based on the prompt “happiness.”

“The Happy Poem”

It’s a hard state
to be in, I’ll
give you that–
how can one
in the face of such
harsh fixtures?
Simple, really: that
you are here
alive and well enough
to make new connections
with strangers. What more
do we need
when life itself
is such bliss? Uncomplicate
yourself. The rest
will come easy.

  • billimarie
    may 16th 2012

7 thoughts on “The Happy Poem”

    1. Thanks, Richard! Yes, she took the hard copy away with her at an artwalk. She was kind enough to email a picture to me a few days later.

  1. What a great poem and even better message. This weekend I shall strive to uncomplicate myself.

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