Typewriter Poetry Internet Poem (or, #TyPoInPo2015)

Originally Posted: December 11th, 2014
Updated: January 4th, 2020

With all the chaos transpiring around me, I completely forgot about #TyPoInPo!

Close-up of a Perrier water bottle: "all 9 unique designs." Submission for #TyPoInPo 2015.
A close-up of a Perrier water bottle: my submission, “all 9 unique designs by” for #TyPoInPo2015

Last year, I asked a few of you to contribute to an experimental, collaborative internet poem I was compiling. We got a ton of great one-liners, which I arranged with my typewriter into a final poem authored by all of us.

The Official Call For Submissions

I’d like to create a new #TyPoInPo2015 poem to ring in the new year. If you’ve forgotten the details, here’s a refresher:

How to participate, you ask? All you have to do is create a single line of poetry and upload it to the internet.

There’s no limit to how many lines you can submit, just as long as you submit them one at a time. It’d be awesome if your poetry lines are spontaneously constructed, original, and first drafts. Other than that? Be free!

Once you’ve penned the imperfectly perfect poem, release it to the wilds of the internet!

You can leave a comment. Send me an email. Tweet @typewritepoetry. Shoot Typewriter Poetry a message on Facebook. Deliver the line in a YouTube video.  Take a picture of it and put it on instagram or Flickr. Pin your handwritten single line of poetic brilliance to a board on Pinterest. Record an audio file of yourself saying it aloud and put it up on Soundcloud.

Whatever your method, I’ll be sure to find it and add it to the growing submissions. Just make sure you leave a breadcrumb:#TyPoInPo2015. Use that in your title, tags, keywords, summary, filename, or author for your submission.

The Final Poem

I’m changing up the final version. Instead of subjectively picking the best lines, I’m going to type out all the submissions I receive. Then, in a show of serendipity and chance, I’ll randomly pull a few of those lines out of a hat and organize them into a poem.

To see what becomes of our second Typewriter Poetry Internet Poem, you’ll have to come back in January of 2015. Until then, verse away!

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